Lin Ailing, my pretend Chinese name

Gluten-Free in Northern California

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I was diagnosed as celiac in November 2003, and have been strictly gluten-free ever since. This can be difficult, especially when traveling, but people have become much more celiac-aware in the last few years. Knowing how difficult it was at first, I wondered how I could ever travel to Japan and China. I successfully navigated Japan with my daughter in 2006, and now I hope to visit China in 2009 or 2010. I wasn't going to post this information until I had my teachers approve it, but I realized that with many people heading to China for the Olympics, there might be some celiacs in need of this information. After I visit China, I'll update the menu and add tips based on my adventure. All of the items are in PDF format so the Chinese and Japanese characters will work for everyone.

I would love to hear how things go for celiacs who travel to China or Japan. BTW, I only speak a little Mandarin and even less Japanese. However, I highly recommend studying the language of the country you are going to. You may not be able to experience all the foods, but studying the language more than makes up for that. You can contact me at: LindaFreeman at bluetang dot org.

Note: Strangely enough, I have to double-side print with "flipping on right edge" for the Chinese menu, and "flipping on the top edge" for the Japanese menu.