Background of the Mount Shasta Pika Project

In 1898 the United States Government sponsored a biological expedition to Mount Shasta California. The Division of Biology of the United States Department of Agriculture sent scientist C. Hart Merriam. His report, entitled "Results of a Biological Survey of Mount Shasta, California," was published in 1899. The Division of Biology later became the U. S. Department of Fish and Wildlife. The party spent the summer on the slopes of the mountain and collected and recorded all aspects of the mountain's biology. See the "History" section of the Shasta Project for a summary of early explorations around the mountain.

Here is the section from this report concerning Ochotona.

Ochotona schisticeps. Cony; Pika. [Ochotona princeps Gray-headed Pika, American Pika, Rock Rabbit, Piping Hare, Whistling Hare]

Drawing of Pika Photograph of Pika
The original photograph was taken by F. Stephens and the drawing is by W.J. Fenn.

Above excerpts from
Results of a Biological Survey of Mount Shasta, California
by C. Hart Merriam, 1899.
See Introduction for further information.

  After reading this section, I decided I would go look for pikas at these mentioned locations.

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