The Mount Shasta Pika Project :  Ochotona localities on Mt. Shasta 1899 - 2011

C. Hart Merriam (1899)
Present Study

Location Date and Time
"rivulets of snow water on the north side of Shastina."
N41.41449 W122.24595
31-AUG-05 12:29:45PM
"signs in Cascade Gulch"
N41.38314 W122.23689
08-AUG-05 6:47:50AM
"alpine hemlocks on the small west branches of Squaw Creek", "rock slide nearby"
N41.36672 W122.17914
06-SEP-06 2:27:15PM
"both sides of Red Butte" - South-East
N41.36274 W122.17693
08-OCT-10 4:01:30PM
"both sides of Red Butte" - North-West
N41.36101 W122.18607

"east side of Grey Butte"
N41.34950 W122.19064
"near the head of Mud Creek canyon"
 Not Confirmed

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